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Перевод слова

Перевод: rare speek rare

редкий; разреженный; инертный; негустой; редкостный; необычный; необыкновенный; превосходный; замечательный; исключительно хороший; недожаренный; полусырой (о мясе); недоваренный;
гренки с сыром


  1. She may perhaps have felt a little out of place but she articulates a rare understanding of what was going on in the place, all underpinned by an almost total recall of the fascinating minutiae of day-to-day events.
  2. Inducements from the public were rare.
  3. These would have claimed much of Miller's attention, but his expertise would have been in great demand over the cultivation of rare fruits.
  4. In rare instances, new-born babies have been studied for several months in a constant environment in a hospital ward.
  5. But still, on the bus going to and from school, on her steady, daily runs in the park, swimming, weight-lifting, doing her exercises, and on those other rare occasions when she was alone and free from the demands of school, State, and family, Erika found herself thinking of Fritz, although what she thought she scarcely knew herself, except that she knew that she blushed when she did so.
  6. In Balakirev's Islamey , for instance, he allows the beautiful second subject to sing out, slower and more meaningful, than I have ever heard it before, while his deadly accuracy and exquisite pianissimos produce a stillness in Liszt's Les Jeux d'eau la Villa d'Este that is rare indeed for such a fast moving piece.
  7. Motoring: The soaring triumph of the exotic Stag: Blow all your savings on a rare classic convertible which has just started to show a major rise in value, says Roger Bell
  8. Standards of typography will rarely be a decisive factor in selection, but there is no doubt that small print is disliked by many readers - including those with good eyesight - and should be avoided on the relatively rare occasions that alternatives are available (for instance, with the different editions of popular classics, or with light fiction, where the choice is very wide and content is less variable).
  9. Most certainly, though, we should appreciate how fortunate we are in having medical services, caring people around us, and living in a country where natural disasters are rare compared with many places on this earth.
  10. Jinxy Jack, with three consecutive jump wins to his credit, ran well on a rare Flat appearance in a Doncaster handicap.
  11. Highlights are rare performances of huge scale outdoor musical works, and a marvellous range of top musical performers visiting the city in 1992.
  12. While this is theoretically conceivable, every writer who has recently examined the problem has considered that in nature it must be a very rare event and certainly not a common factor in the evolution of animal traits.
  13. Despite the bizarre method being used, dozens of foreign companies are likely to bid for the rare chance to invade a new broadcasting market.

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