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Перевод слова

Перевод: rap speek rap

легкий удар; легкий стук; стук ; наказание; ответственность ; рэп ; мелкая обесцененная монета; беседа ; разговор ;
слегка ударять; ударять; стучать; пристукивать; делать рэп; резко говорить; резко ответить; резко критиковать; ругаться; критиковать; браниться; разговаривать


  1. Also, it isn't physically possible to sit and listen to a rap album all the way through.
  2. Meanwhile, big, butch rappers like LL Cool J and Public Enemy are held up as authentic voices of the Male Ghetto Experience (usually by middle-class white semioticians), but if anything rap is even more the product of flatulent ego and opportunist marketing than anything by Bros or Kylie Minogue.
  3. Howard Primary School, landing at Cambridge University Observatory, found time for a ballet of the night-sky to a background of synthesizer and a resourceful battery of percussion; and although improvisation and rhythm (rap a firm favourite) pushed melody to one side for the most part, Ixworth middle school beguiled the time outside Colman's Mustard Shop in Norwich with a garland of song.
  4. Tired and hungry I gave the head Pooh-Bah a rap with the wrong end of the feather duster as I passed.
  5. Jazz is a form of music that came out of a social evolution in black history, and so is rap.
  6. And then there's "Stealth", about the American public's love affair with the bomber plane of the same name; "Lorraine", the true story of Jacqueline Smith, who lives on the pavement outside Motel Lorraine in protest at the commercialisation of the scene of Martin Luther King's death; and "Claremont Road", with a rap from Prince Kool - a new Manchester talent from the same school as MC Buzz B. "It's just what we know," says Colin, justifying such specific references to their home patch of Mosside.
  7. Hall, it seemed, was closing the rap gap on prime, middle American time; he offered the 2 Live Crew doing "Me So Horny" as well as actor James Caan; Luther Vandross warbling "Here And Now" in addition to Glenn Close.
  8. Spielberg's film swamps the Neverland with baseball and basketball, with burgers and skateboards and rap music.
  9. Dismissed as a novelty ever since it first began, rap has not only survived but has provided us with endless pleasures and variations.
  10. (Rap)
  11. And a spoon would whirl across the kitchen to rap the skull of the offending scullion.
  12. Papa Dee, a 24-year-old ragamuffin rap artist of Ghanaian-Swedish descent is currently enjoying a novelty status on the New York live rap circuit.

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