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Перевод: rank speek rank

буйный; роскошный; заросший; плодородный; жирный; прогорклый; вонючий; отвратительный; противный; мерзкий; явный; сущий; отъявленный; грубый; циничный; похабный;
ряд ; шеренга ; рядовой состав; звание; чин ; разряд ; служебное положение; высокое социальное положение; степень ; ранг ; категория ; класс ; стоянка такси;
строить в шеренгу; выстраивать в ряд; выстраивать в линию; строиться в шеренгу; выстраиваться в ряд; выстраиваться в линию; считаться; распределять; классифицировать; давать оценку; давать определенную оценку; занимать место; занимать более высокое место; занимать первое место; быть выше; занимать более высокое положение; стоять выше других


  1. But at least they were more hopeful about casualties amongst the rank and file, especially the foot.
  2. What rank? - Zuwaya said he was a doorkeeper in the municipality, director of the local hospital, a diver at the oil terminal.
  3. Mr Prescott is unquestionably closer to a large swathe of the rank and file than most other members of Labour's Shadow Cabinet.
  4. Vand - a root word meaning "saluting" or "greeting": an acknowledgement of rank or attainment applied in a spiritual context to an Initiate.
  5. The increase in rank of coaly (vitrinitic) material is essentially a temperature controlled reaction with little evidence for the significant influence of time on the process (Price, 1983).
  6. The "Persons of Rank and of distinguished Taste and Judgement" who took an interest in Leapor's writing and promoted the subscription, were most likely members of the Blencowe family.
  7. What matters, for the game to qualify as a true Prisoner's Dilemma, is their rank order.
  9. b) If in any doubt, seek the advice of a senior officer of the rank of Superintendent or above.
  10. Julia: Sales Department Rank Video Services Phoenix Park Great West Road Brentford Middlesex TW8 9HR
  11. Since dress, gait and table manners instantly distinguish social rank, all over the world, why not speech as well?
  12. Where they had been was raw earth, smothered with the rubbish and dust of bombardment, and pitted with curious mounds and recesses which Nicholas recognised only slowly as rank upon rank of recent, random, haphazard graves.
  13. In Fig. 3.13A, the percentage completeness of the mandible and maxilla is similar in rank order, and, surprisingly, the maxilla is only slightly less complete than the mandible, with approximately equal proportions of both.

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