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Перевод слова

Перевод: raise speek raise

повышение; поднятие; увеличение; увеличение ставки; прибавка ; подъем ; восстающая выработка;
поднимать; повышать; взвивать; взвить; возвести; будить; подниматься; вызывать; начать; увеличивать ставку; возвысить; выдавать на-гора; добывать на-гора; возводить в степень; ворсовать; начесывать; воздвигать; водружать; порождать; растить; воспитывать; выращивать; выкормить; разводить; вывести; ставить; издать; запеть; собирать; взимать; найти; разыскать; снять; прорвать; ставить тесто на дрожжах; увидеть на горизонте


  1. As the most popular issues are likely to be quickly subscribed, rather than mention individual offers I include the names of some of the most active promoters of such schemes which will be pleased to keep readers informed: Johnson Fry (071-321 0220) which hopes to raise some 100m in 1993; Close Brothers (071-638 5500); Matrix Securities (071-734 8334); Neill Clerk (041-332 2055); Smith Williamson (071-637 5377); Terrace Hill (071-734 4440); Sun Life (071-606 7788), Hodgson Martin (031-226 7644); and Capital Ventures (0242 584380).
  2. Raise the arms towards the toes, lifting the head and shoulders off the floor as far as possible without straining.
  3. Giving a place a special label, and, in some cases, fencing it off, may raise people's awareness, but offers only a flimsy barrier against developers.
  4. Every afternoon in the House of Commons MPs could raise questions with Ministers about their Departments.
  5. First amongst small commercial enterprises must be the dairy herd, where the personal touch of a skilled stockman can raise production, reduce costs, and maintain good health and longevity in cattle far beyond the scope of most large herds.
  6. Most are there for aesthetic value in an attempt to raise the product's perceived value.
  7. Being so fleet-footed, and tough-minded, has enabled Corning's managers to raise the company's return on equity from about 8% in 1983 to 15% in 1990.
  8. The organisers are planning a "model hot air balloon competition" and are asking entrants to get their entries sponsored to raise money for the development of water supplies in Third World villages.
  9. The other main type of sleep - slow wave sleep - is also called "deep sleep" because it is more difficult to raise us from.
  10. We've all had a good laugh about it, but it does raise the question of trespass and the rights and wrongs of access to runners," writes Dave.
  11. Among his sacred possessions were an enormous club which could raise the slain to life again; a magic harp whose music made its listeners forget sorrow; an inexhaustible cauldron from which no-one is turned away hungry; and two marvellous sheep - one eternally roasting, the other forever feeding in readiness for slaughter.
  12. Some have intimated that these contacts, while not illegal, raise suspicions that the superfund's huge cache for money may have turned into a political slush-fund, spread around to fertilise the candidates of loyal Republicans.
  13. Weekend talk of policy rifts at the highest level and of impending recession, and a perception that the Government is most reluctant to raise interest rates again, caused sterling to collapse to its lowest against the Deutschemark since the celebrated events of March last year.

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