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Перевод слова

Перевод: rail speek rail

ограда ; поручни ; перила ; поперечина ; перекладина ; рельс ; железнодорожный путь; брусок ; рейка ; вешалка ; железнодорожные акции; водяной пастушок;
обносить перилами; ругаться; обносить забором; огораживать; отгораживать; прокладывать рельсы; перевозить по железной дороге; посылать по железной дороге; браниться; придираться; ругать; бранить; лаяться


  1. Coincidentally, Regional Railways is seeking expansion opportunities of its own, teaming up with developers to provide rail links at out-of-town shopping centres, leisure centres or nearby airports.
  2. West German tourists and Czechoslovaks gathered on street corners to cheer and wave as seven chartered Czechoslovak buses began many hours of ferrying the East Germans to the distant suburban rail terminus where trains arrived through the night to take them to West Germany.
  3. RAIL fares are scheduled to soar in the next few years and at least 5,000 railway jobs will be lost following the Government's decision to slash grants for British Rail in the early 1990s.
  4. BR regards the 120-acre project as a unique opportunity to relieve congestion on crowded suburban commuter services, upgrade InterCity facilities, and provide the necessary increase in capacity to cope with the Channel Tunnel rail link.
  5. (It has been going on successfuly with Irish Rail and the Dublin Dart for years).
  6. The tap connector screws to the tap rail
  7. After closure of Woodhead to passengers in 1970, the route continued to be upgraded with continuous welded rail and some of the class 76 electrics were fitted for multiple working.
  8. There would be public inquiry after public inquiry - for the law ensured that no closure could be made without one - and many areas would be deprived of valued rail services.
  9. Apart from the effect of the turmoil in Transcaucasia, Mr Voronin said the protracted rail strikes in Moldavia, which ended last month, had blocked 130 trains carrying consumer goods from Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania.
  10. The scrap was loaded into a narrow boat at the bottom of the incline and taken to North Kilworth for transhipment by rail.
  11. British Rail said Fenchurch Street would remain closed throughout today.
  12. All-Line Rail Rover tickets which offer unlimited travel on British Rail for seven days are 210 (340 first class).
  13. I work part-time at the station coffee shop at Parkeston Quay so I get cheap rail travel."

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