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Перевод слова

Перевод: raid speek raid

набег ; рейд ; налет ; внезапное нападение; облава ; попытка понизить курс ценных бумаг;
совершать налет; совершать набег; совершать облаву; грабить; опустошать; погромить


  1. Could you take on the Raid Gauloises?
  2. First Edition TWO MEN who fled after bungling a raid on a shop jumped into a getaway car only to find a policeman at the wheel.
  3. His idea was to set up a self-contained base inland from the coastal plain from which they could raid on an almost nightly basis.
  4. The Ayatollah was teaching in Qom when he was arrested in 1963 after condemning a raid on the college by the Shah's security forces.
  5. When she encounters a mess, like the ridiculous raid on the Moncada barracks that made Mr Castro's revolutionary reputation, she does not try to impose sense where there was none.
  6. Constable Dale Buckingham had just collected the car from the scene of the raid, in Bristol, and was taking it to his police station when he saw two men he suspected of being involved in the raid, and stopped.
  7. This school was to be subjected to a number of air raid attacks, but the greatest loss the school suffered was when the Allen Homes were totally destroyed in 1942.
  8. The terrace of the chteau made an admirable grandstand one evening when a heavier raid than usual was in progress.
  9. French resolve against Libyan-inspired terrorism, which was in doubt during the US raid in 1986, has been stiffened by Libya's action in blowing up the UTA flight from Brazzaville to Paris on Sept 19, 1989, in which 171 died.
  10. Dambusters Raid
  11. The raid had been a triumphant vindication of Stirling's theory that his unit could operate regardless of the phase of the moon and could get on to heavily defended targets.
  12. A few of the jeeps had run out of ammunition before the raid had finished, which was hardly surprising considering the high rate of fire of the Vickers K guns.
  13. 1897 the Royal Navy conducted a punitive expedition against Benin (in what is now Nigeria) and brought back to Britain a large number of bronze castings which were sold to pay for the raid.

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