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Перевод слова

Перевод: rabble speek rabble

толпа ; сброд ; сволочь ; чернь ; свалка ; кочерга ; гребок ; механическая мешалка;


  1. "I will not parley with a rabble."
  2. There was further confusion during which Hegarty told the Unionists, "You were the cause of October Fifth", and Councillor Anderson called the protesters a "rabble".
  3. As in previous attacks on the protesters, the real agents provocateurs are said to be the Western media egging on the rabble.
  4. It was another kind of January, a January of sudden snow storms and hard frosts at the end of the month, when a rabble of Catholic Jacobite clansmen under the nominal control of John Erskine, Earl of Mar, came to burn the protestant villages of Dunning, Muthill, Blackford, Auchterarder and Crieff.
  5. O'Neill also failed to appreciate the extent of Protestant misgivings, preferring instead to see Paisley and his supporters as a small and unrepresentative rabble.
  6. To that end, he tossed the media rabble dripping hunks of redundant, rote monologue; his loudness provided a great show and diverted probing questions.
  7. The Ancient Britons had gone home tired of having to lurk in the bushes waiting to burst out in a rabble.
  8. As he arrived he was met by a rabble of noisy, angry youths.
  9. For Otto the Great, crowned in Aachen in 936, Charlemagne and his capital were key elements in his effort to legitimise his ascendancy over a rabble of dukes, princelings and petty kings.
  10. Seen through the disapproving eyes of respectable citizens they were nothing but a disorderly and disorganized rabble, dropouts from the social ladder.
  11. In Beatty v. Gillbanks , the Salvation Army was stopped from marching because of fears that it would incite a disorderly rabble, loosely organized as a so-called "skeleton army", to acts of violence against it.
  12. Alongside some respectable advisers, he seems to attract a rabble of supporters more loyal to the man than to the cause.
  13. Users fell basically into two groups: there were the milder peace-loving "Smile on your brother" types, whose philosophy was invoked by Jefferson Airplane's hit record using that phrase, or the far more violent set who were emerging with hard rock and the free-as-the-wind Hell's Angels, the unkempt, unwashed, tough and brutal rabble who were the built-in bad guys of the counter-culture; they made the gangs in Rebel Without a Cause and Brando's The Wild One look like a Sunday school gathering.

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