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Перевод слова

Перевод: quotation speek quotation

цитата ; цитирование; цена ; расценка ; котировка ; курс ; кавычки


  1. But as you may know, ESP guitars are handmade in just one factory in Tokyo; this is not one of those companies that farm out their work to whoever gives them the lowest quotation.
  2. At this Mr Healey was jolly pleased to see me trapped in the Thickets of Quotation, and, again merrily, said, "Plato?
  3. Later, to allow Eco to work in a chunk of St Bernard's writings, Casaubon actually takes a piece of paper from his pocket and says, "I brought this quotation with me, because it's worth hearing"
  4. Lower down the page he had scribbled a quotation from Shelley: "Life stains the white radiance of Eternity".
  5. Consider this stirring quotation and its possible ecological implications:
  6. For a glowing appraisal of the Figures of Plants , when considering Philip Miller's many works in the Preface of his revised edition of the Dictionary in 1807, Thomas Martyn chose an earlier quotation from Richard Pulteney (see p. 149):
  7. YOUNG Group, the Durham-based opencast coal miner, is losing its stock market quotation because it is pushing through changes to its share capital which benefit majority holders and are in breach of the Stock Exchange's investor protection rules.
  8. In this respect it was good sales promotion, a catalogue of positive persuasion as the following quotation shows:
  9. They always seem to live somewhere in the north as typified by this quotation from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.
  10. In the context of employment, where the Act refers to dismissal "or other detriment", it has been held that the phrase in quotation marks refers to an act of the same type as dismissal.
  11. Preceding the interview, a lush, blue photo of a pouting Burns was captioned with a brief quotation: "If I hear Morrissey's down or depressed, I'll send him a bunch of flowers.
  12. And so the telegram was sent, a come-uppance which deserves quotation as an act that may have saved the world from early extinction by sheer megalomania: "I deeply regret that it becomes my duty as president and Commander-in-Chief of the United States military forces to replace you as Supreme Commander, Allied Powers; Commander-in-Chief, United Nations Command; Commander-in-Chief, Far East; and Commanding General, U. S. Army Far East.
  13. The speaker in the quotation above is Krishna, but Krishna is himself described by other Hindu writings as a manifestation of the God Vishnu.

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