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Перевод слова

Перевод: quit speek quit

свободный; отделавшийся;
увольнение; уход с работы;
оставлять; покидать; увольняться; бросать; прекращать; отплачивать; расквитаться; вести себя; погашать


  1. But McGrath, who has had eight operations on his knees, revealed this could be his swansong, saying: "I will decide at the end of the season, but I'd rather quit at the top than drop down to a lower level, and the knees cause me a lot of pain.
  2. Murphy was assistant to Fitzgerald, who quit after their defeat by Australia in October.
  3. He is thought to have agreed to quit without a fuss in exchange for a year's salary.
  4. They still have good memories of The Weavers playing together in concert - before Pete Seeger quit in the wake of Decca's dropping them for their politicking - a symptom of McCarthyism, then gathering pace.
  5. With his wife's help, he did quit.
  6. August 31: Reports that Diana will "quit as a Royal" within a month unless she gets a legal separation follow the revelations of the "Squidgy" tape.
  7. In fact the actor, who reassures fans that he has no plans to quit 90210 now that his movie career is under way, has a more than healthy respect for the opposite sex - a lot of it born out of his admiration at how his mother struggled through during the dark early years of his life.
  8. But Richards, 49, refused to reveal why timid Jack was the reason for the record, written during the band's most tempestuous period amid drug trials and the decision of founder member Brian Jones to quit.
  9. He shrugged off suggestions that he was keen to quit politics for the City.
  10. In fact, it came as a complete surprise to the hoteliers of Ramsey when they were given notice to quit their premises within six days, leaving behind "all furniture, bedding, linen, cutlery, crockery and utensils".
  11. Their demands are much like those of the ill-fated Democratic Platform - reformers who quit the party but failed to organise themselves into a workable opposition.
  12. By then Milestone had had enough and quit.
  13. A self-styled lazy student and with no wealth in the family to support a college boy, he decided that summer to quit.

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