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Перевод слова

Перевод: quid speek quid

кусок прессованного табака для жевания; соверен или фунт стерлингов


  1. It was very late - after closing time, about 3am, and they came right out with it: "How would you fancy having a quarter of a million quid?"
  2. The United States presented this as a quid pro quo for the Soviet failure to establish a missile base in Cuba.
  3. Five quid to anyone who gets the extra joke in there.
  4. So you nip down to the shop, hand over six quid or so with bad grace, choose - somehow - one set from the enormous and multicoloured collection on offer, zoom home and spend a happy ten minutes snipping, cranking and generally trying to avoid poking your eye out.
  5. " but even were we able to come to some agreement with the authorities at Cullbridge Comprehensive, they would demand, would they not, a quid pro quo?
  6. And you get this little bonus at the end of the month, maybe a couple of quid on top of your one pound sixteen shillings.
  7. Lend us a quid?"
  8. More and more of us are too hard up even to afford a few quid drowning our sorrows in the pub.
  9. That's one of the occupational hazards of listening to people talking football - Docherty talking through his arse for a few quid.
  10. It's certainly cheaper than three hundred and fifty quid, they showed up
  11. These consist of all the activities which look good in the brochure but no one ever actually does, like windsurfing (on a pond), clay-pigeon shooting (which costs 20 quid) or canoeing (on a pond),.
  12. There's only the castle grounds that's a park in the city centre you've got to pay a quid to go in there on Saturdays and Sundays and I think these trees really matter I am concerned and I'm going to ask questions about them and I will talk to David about it as well although the leaf stem he can keep himself.
  13. Why don't the B B C, both radio and television, take advertising, and then we not only would not need to pay an extra twenty quid, we probably wouldn't need to pay the eighty odd pounds that we're paying already for a colour television licence.

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