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Перевод слова

Перевод: queen speek queen

гомик [сл.] ; голубой [сл.] ; пидор [сл.] ; педик [сл.] ; гей ; королева ; богиня ; царица ; дама ; ферзь [шахм.] ; матка у пчел; гомосексуалист ;
делать королевой; быть королевой; править; царить; возглавлять; проводить пешку; проходить в ферзи


  1. Cherry Vanilla was doing nothing - she was eating fruit and breaking out all the time as a result, Jane was doing nothing too - she'd started a group called Queen Elizabeth which played little, low-life funky bars on the Lower Eastside, Tony Zanetta was working coding, which is a very ignominious job that out-of-work actors do in New York, and I was working at 16 Magazine as a tea boy.
  2. The Commonwealth would remain relevant, he said, and little pleases the Queen more than that.
  3. The Bob Geldof of the "Rock Against Repatriation" project is Steve Hackett, former Genesis guitarist, who has assembled a group that includes Brian May of Queen, Mike Rutherford of Genesis, members of Tears for Fears and Marillion, Howard Jones and Bonnie Tyler to record Rod Stewart's 1970s hit, Sailing.
  4. Mr Major can draft a Queen's Speech at his leisure, The State Opening of Parliament is not until May 6.
  5. The Queen is the prescriptive sovereign of one realm only, the United Kingdom: elsewhere neither she nor her so-called representatives the governors-general possess an ounce of prescriptive sovereignty.
  6. Major roles for older women are not so common in Shakespeare, but I think it is better not to choose a character such as Queen Katherine from Henry VIII , who needs a richness of seniority to convey the dramatic interest.
  7. Alberto Gironella, Perro devorando a la Reina Mariana (Dog devouring Queen Mariana), 1963, painting/object.
  8. He was certainly wooing her, and with success, for the Queen felt that as a result of the visits:
  9. Other key measures in the Queen's Speech will be Bills setting up a national lottery; ratification of the Maastricht treaty on European economic and political union; and legislation paving the way for the privatisation of British Rail and the coal industry.
  10. There are copies of old magazines, many now defunct; there are films of the Coronation and photographs of the Queen on her many tours.
  11. Contact with the Belfast Republican and Labour Movements was tenuous, there was no link with Queen's at such a level as to influence student ideas".
  12. Exit Queen Emma.
  13. But what in the case of the academics has simply been misleading, for a reigning queen was to have profound and ultimately disastrous political consequences.

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