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Перевод: quarter speek quarter

четверть ; монета в 25 центов; квартал ; четверть часа; бег на четверть мили; четверть румба; кормовая часть корабля; деревянный четырехгранный брус; задник ; четверть геральдического щита; сторона ; квартира ; стоянка ; страна света; место; пост ; пощада ; прием ; обхождение;
делить на четыре; делить на четыре части; четвертовать; делить щит на четверти; помещать в одной из четвертей щита новый герб; квартировать; расквартировывать; помещать на квартиру; ставить на постой; разместить; рыскать по всем направлениям; уступать дорогу; сворачивать, чтобы разъехаться


  1. Total employment during the quarter rose 700, but operating expenses went in the opposite direction from cost of sales, 30.3% of revenues compared with 32.5% in the year-ago quarter, as the company continued the remorseless cost-cutting drive.
  2. The first product to come from the alliance is expected in the second quarter of 1994, and is intended to form a base on which network operators can develop specific software applications.
  3. Continuum Co Inc has turned in third quarter net down 30.2% at 1.6m, on turnover down 6.8% at 30.2m; net profit for the nine months was up 10.8% at 4.8m, on turnover that fell 0.5% to 91.1m.
  4. Needing to score quickly, West Indies made 176 at nearly five an over, despite some fine bowling from Snow, when Lloyd declared with five wickets down, setting England the task of surviving for five and a quarter hours or scoring 339 to win.
  5. In addition, Article 23 says that it is especially forbidden (a) "to employ poison or poisoned weapons"; (d) "to declare that no quarter will be given"; and (e) "to employ arms, projectiles or material calculated to cause unnecessary suffering".
  6. As Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, he has yet to experience a single quarter's growth in output (excluding oil revenues), but nor will he accept any blame for the recession.
  7. Coat 225g/8oz mixed nuts and 50g/2oz pumpkin seeds in 25g/1oz melted butter, one and a half teaspoons of paprika, one teaspoon of ground cumin, half a teaspoon of ground allspice and quarter of a teaspoon of salt.
  8. Let's hope there is not a single dropout to preserve the quarter odds a place, one, two, three and four.
  9. A quarter of the boys said they would be prepared to talk to a teacher about sex as opposed to only one in 10 girls.
  10. There's good and bad in every quarter, and he's a good bobby.
  11. Autodesk Inc has reported fourth quarter net profits up 17.7% at 11.2m, on turnover up 48.2% at 98.6m; net profit for the year to January 31 was down 24.1% at 43.9m, on turnover that rose 28.9% to 353.2m.
  12. Thus, Edison-type cylinders, two and a quarter inches in diameter, became the standard format.
  13. At two and a quarter hours it will test the bladder control of the average child, and some scenes could and should have been shorter.

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