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Перевод слова

Перевод: push speek push

толчок ; давление; нажим ; напор ; удар ; атака ; натиск ; напряжение; поддержка ; протекция ; решающий момент; критическое положение; энергия ; усилие; энергичная попытка; увольнение; шайка ; банда ; нажимная кнопка;
толкать; проталкиваться; подвинуть; подвигать; задвинуть; наталкивать; проталкивать; торопить; нажимать; притеснять; продвигаться; выдвигаться; продвигать; выдвигать; рекламировать; продавать наркотики


  1. Mr Yeltsin also managed to push through parliamentary ratification of his Federation Treaty that brings under one roof 18 of the 20 ethnic republics of the Russian Federation and all the smaller regions.
  2. Failure to push through the higher taxes would have a serious impact on Labour's plans to raise extra revenue to pay for improved social benefits, such as higher pensions and child benefit.
  3. The materials are affordable - around 250 including skip and breaker hire for a modest pit - but when labour and VAT are added, they push it closer to 2,000 - at lot of money for a fancy hole in the ground!
  4. To push a huge rock to the edge of a precipice requires tremendous effort and work.
  5. Trent found a boulder on the edge of the ravine which he prised loose so that a light push would send it crashing down the ridge and he hid one of the shotguns at the foot of a solitary pine.
  6. Each bell push was surrounded by a red enamelled iron ring.
  7. I push off into the bright sunshine, and across the playground.
  8. Only Ceauescu had the energy left to push on even in his seventies in the hope of fulfilling the dream.
  9. Sometimes he had been able to fit the frames back and push in the lenses; not this time.
  10. In 1982, when the Israeli army surrounded Beirut and the Palestinian guerrillas agreed to leave, I was down in those same front lines, invited by a Palestinian gunman to push the last sandbags from his position now that the final ceasefire had been called.
  11. There must have been a push."
  12. Automatic push button control.
  13. Then they look for moves that will push the position in that direction; these are the "means".

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