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Перевод слова

Перевод: punish speek punish

наказывать; наказать; задать перцу; карать; налагать взыскание; расправляться; грубо обращаться; причинять повреждения; наносить удары; много есть; навалиться на еду


  1. And so, to punish Labour, Fitt refused to back them in the vote of confidence.
  2. We do not, Locke points out, punish a person for what he did when temporarily insane, and we speak of him as having been "not himself" or "beside himself".
  3. If the purpose of damages is to compensate a victim rather than punish the perpetrator, then a successful plaintiff who passes his award to charity cannot be said to have been compensated in any way.
  4. There are specific penalties drawn up to punish those who break laws.
  5. Insurance companies pay most punitive damages because they themselves are the defendants that juries are most likely to punish substantially.
  6. To punish her, he ordered her to go downstairs and get Eleanor something to eat.
  7. The payoffs for being a victim are simple: it allows us to avoid responsibility for our lives, to wallow in self-pity rather than taking care of ourselves, and to punish others.
  8. A campaign was immediately started to punish the people responsible for the swindle, and to discover who had abetted them.
  9. The audience heard Paisley denounce Soper for his blaspheming, the Methodist Church for not opposing them, and the government for misusing the law to punish legal protest.
  10. It had been Dalrymple's idea to require the clan chiefs to take the oath of allegiance and it became obvious that he had hoped for an opportunity to punish one clan as an example to the others.
  11. Urges to punish those who repudiated the woman without whom they would have got nowhere and been nobody have surged in my breast.
  12. The farmer, thwarted in his desire to punish Uncle Fred, then vented his spite on Grandfather and the rest of the family.
  13. These expressed hostility to Britain's pre-eminent position, the demand for greater democracy in the country, and a widely held belief that the Hashemites had an understanding with Israel not to attempt to recapture any of Israeli Palestine but to punish severely any Palestinian who violated the Armistice Line.

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