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Перевод слова

Перевод: pump speek pump

насос ; помпа ; туфля-лодочка ; туфли бальные; мужская бальная туфля;
качать; качать насосом; насосать; работать насосом; выкачивать; нагнетать; выбрасывать; приводить в изнеможение; пульсировать; колотиться; стучать


  1. By the Pump
  2. Refill it by closing the draincock and restoring the water supply to the feed-and-expansion tank, and turn the system back on so you can pump the clean water round again and remove the last remains of the descaling.
  3. The PU-980 intelligent pump has built-in system controller functions for complex ternary low pressure and binary high pressure gradients.
  4. It drove a scoop wheel of 28 foot diameter which could raise 25 tons of water a minute, and was used until 1940 when a diesel engine and centrifugal pump replaced it, until the station was closed in 1980.
  5. We've had the rebellion and the lingerie but that was only priming the pump, giving the public what it wants.
  6. Fitting a pump
  7. More important for maintenance, however, is that there is no need for a winch to lift the pump head off its foundations.
  8. There was no water laid on, of course, but the early days of fetching water from the village pump were succeeded by the excitement of a pump inside the house.
  9. A pump at the store provides the motive power and typically will send slurry through 1000m (rds of a mile) or more of pipe to a nurse tank on the headland.
  10. Den was wiping the horse down with a cloth, and Nessie turned to the back of the yard and the standing pump.
  11. The commonest problem with central heating pumps is jamming, either after a period when the pump has not been used, or due to sludge in the system clogging the impeller.
  12. The athletes would pump up their compressed-air bottles themselves, beforehand.
  13. Accuracy and consistency, largely a facet of pump design, are the key requirements for these dispensers.

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