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Перевод слова

Перевод: prosecutor speek prosecutor

обвинитель ; прокурор


  1. The prosecutor said her former husband "was trying to destroy her happiness and the prospects of her remarrying".
  2. And in a Miami courtroom, an hour's drive away, a federal prosecutor is assembling documents to try to prove a case of human neglect.
  3. East Germany's prosecutor general has suggested that a parliamentary committee should investigate charges of corruption and power abuse by state and party officials.
  4. Erdogan Kizilkaya submitted a formal complaint to the Kayseri State Prosecutor, in which he named those responsible for his torture.
  5. Special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, who has pursued the case for six years, said he was going after Mr Bush as the key figure in the 1986 scandal.
  6. Afterwards it was necessary to inform the public prosecutor.
  7. The most likely candidate was Bird Vincent, the Saginaw County, Michigan, prosecutor and first world war veteran who died of kidney failure, aged 51, on 18 July 1931, while returning from a congressional visit to Hawaii.
  8. Practitioners seem to accept that worthy cases of mercy killing invariably have this outcome, but this informal approach provides the defendant with no legal basis for a defence - he or she is truly at the mercy of the psychiatrists, the prosecutor, and the judge.
  9. Police ringed the court at Darlaston, Walsall, West Midlands, as prosecutor Nelson Jerram asked magistrates not to free Cartwright on bail.
  10. Blood samples linked Gregory, also of Hove, to the murder, said prosecutor Robert Seabrook.
  11. Thus the Act goes a long way in smoothing the path of the prosecutor.
  12. China has uncovered 100,000 cases of bribery and corruption this year, triple last year's rate, said the country's top prosecutor, Mr Liu Fuzhi.
  13. Ruckelshaus, a republican lawyer, also hit the headlines when he resigned as Deputy Attorney-General in the midst of the Watergate crisis rather than fulfil President Nixon's order to fire Archibald Fox, the special prosecutor.

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