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Перевод слова

Перевод: proper speek proper

присущий; свойственный; правильный; надлежащий; должный; подходящий; приличный; пристойный; употребленный в собственном смысле слова; настоящий; совершенный; собственный; истинный; точный; красивый;
изменяемая часть церковной службы


  1. Each has its proper sphere, but in course of time each of them extends its jurisdiction, so that the same matters may often be dealt with indifferently by any one of them.
  2. Jane, a 40-year-old systems analyst, sums it up when she comments, "Sometimes weeks can go by before I even get a chance to have a proper conversation with my husband!"
  3. that the respondent has failed to provide, or make a proper contribution towards, reasonable maintenance for any child of the family;
  4. Nathan Cohen would have been "pledged" to another idea; his "blood" would have been consecrated; he would have been "grave" - though perhaps not "strict"; he would better have protected the fragile ceremony; owning the importance of his proper role in it.
  5. Early publishers often sent out books simply sewn, with no proper covers at all, or in a temporary binding, in the expectation that many of their customers would wish to have volumes bound in their individual preferred styles, perhaps to match the rest of their libraries.
  6. The distinction between the recreational and the educational establishments was apparent when the Revd Daniel Elsdale opened what has been called the first proper boys' club in the poorer area of his Kennington parish in 1872, and the following year a "Youth's Institute" in the more middle-class district.
  7. With practice I learned that those flames instantly settled down to a proper blue flame.
  8. Of course in a proper case the employer must provide any necessary training
  9. He needs to get himself a proper economics team independent of the accident-prone Treasury establishment.
  10. Nor should you be disconnected for a debt owed by a previously registered consumer, but you must have made proper arrangements with the fuel boards to take over the supply.
  11. It was not then thought proper to display a microphone in the pulpit so it was disguised as a Bible- - a Bible of curious proportions, delicately mounted on two stubby white pillars.
  12. "If proper thought had been given to that, I think the conclusion must have been that it would not be beneficial
  13. Many teachers appeared to support this action because their complaints taken through the proper channels had gone unanswered.

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