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Перевод слова

Перевод: proof speek proof

непроницаемый; непробиваемый; устойчивый; не поддающийся; не поддающийся действию; недоступный; установленной крепости;
доказательство; доказывание; испытание; проверка ; проба ; рассмотрение дела судьей вместо суда присяжных; корректура ; пробный оттиск; гранка ; установленный градус крепости спирта; пробирка ;
делать непроницаемым


  1. They did this over two weeks, but there was no means of knowing the energies of the neutrons, the essential information that would tell them whether they were from the fusion of deuterium and be the final proof.
  2. For Guangming Ribao (September 13), this was proof of Dai Qing's determination to have a confrontation with the authorities and showed "Dai Qing's basic objective to influence society and intervene in politics with independent personal characters and independent thinking."
  3. The proof of the pudding was in the eating: the modus vivendi turned out to be a great disappointment.
  4. Two more quotations of many hundreds serve to make the point that the distance between the two views is so large that they are probably not going to be reconciled by proof or disproof of the physical evidence.
  5. the Carrier shall be entitled to require proof of the value of the whole of the Consignment and of any part thereof lost, misdelivered or damaged;
  6. To me then, the proof of the pudding was in the eating.
  7. "People always do, you know," she told us, as if that were incontrovertible proof that we had to conform.
  8. In the loo, the graffiti on the wall said: "Texans are living proof that a bull can copulate with a human."
  9. They could discharge the case if they were convinced that there were no grounds by the disputing party, or they could take the case to the Sheriff Court for a proof hearing.
  10. An alternative proof of Tipler's Theorem 8.1 has been given by Yurtsever (1988 b ).
  11. Here is proof.
  12. This is not proof, of course, that there was no reasonable expectation of trouble; the late announcement of the ban, however, gave credence to the assumption that it had only been prompted by the Apprentice Boys march, and that the Government, as in Dungannon, was allowing a loyalist organisation to manipulate the situation so that an opposition demonstration would be banned.
  13. Newman argued that as a commitment in the light of evidence that cannot be treated as proof, religious belief is like rather than unlike other forms of belief.

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