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Перевод слова

Перевод: pronounce speek pronounce

объявлять; заявлять; декларировать; высказываться; произносить; выговорить


  1. It has long been accepted that, even in countries such as these, the field of human rights and the administration of justice are matters in which the government has no right to interfere, and there are even mechanisms where a non-national body may pronounce on national decisions, such as the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg.
  2. He even told his readers how to pronounce it - "stay-tus" or "stat-us" was permissible.
  3. ANDREW BELL explains that he may not pronounce all his words distinctly.
  4. Now 20, Brooklyn-born Lisa B - she would use "Barbuscia", but says no one can pronounce it - has three successful years of modelling behind her and is venturing into the world of music.
  5. The very name of the new "dictionry" would be unacceptable to speakers of American English, who not only pronounce the a in that word but put the stress on it.
  6. There is a particular kind of French personality who always pronounce the word francais as if it were a football he is heading towards less privileged mortals.
  7. Medial consonants between accented vowel and unaccented vowel in disyllabic words - for example, can the child pronounce the "r" in "garage"?
  8. The way people pronounce words presents little difficulty; it is the sounds which you see.
  9. There were so many versions of Jesus, but only one can be true if you allow history to pronounce the verdict.
  10. Monosyllabic word final clusters - for example, can the child pronounce the "lk" in "milk"?
  11. Spectacular scenes abound in this lovely glen, the most-photographed being above the new bridge where there is a classic alpine view of the Saddle, a splendid mountain I have always had a soft spot for because I can pronounce its name with confidence.
  12. Sampson, on the other hand, does not seem to feel in the least inhibited by his own lack of competence to pronounce on the matter.
  13. Liverpool, the holders, get the chance to play European opposition, namely Swansea, who flirted briefly with the Cup Winners' Cup this season, losing to Panathinaikos almost before they could pronounce it.

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