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Перевод: profit speek profit

польза ; выгода ; прибыль ; доход ; начисления ; барыш ; нажива ; корысть ;
приносить пользу; быть полезным; извлекать пользу; получать прибыль; пользоваться; воспользоваться; поживиться


  1. Operating profits almost halved anyway but the provisions turned an 83m pre-tax profit into a 2.7m loss.
  2. So, the star of the group was the oil division, which saw operating profit from continuing operations up 40%.
  3. Komag Inc has reported fourth quarter net profits up 386.4% at 4.4m, on turnover that rose 33.1% at 96.3m; net profit for the year to January 3 was up 10% at 16.9m, on turnover that rose 17.1% to 326.8m.
  4. GUARDIAN Royal Exchange yesterday revealed the biggest turnaround in its history, recording a 3 million taxable profit compared with a 210 million pre-tax loss in 1991.
  5. The proceeds of trade were the profit and property of individual traders and their families.
  6. For many housebuilders their day of reckoning in profit terms is still to come."
  7. The spread - the banks' profit margin over its cost of funds - charged on auto loans dropped by 4 percentage points and consumers had longer to pay.
  8. All they care about is what they gouge out of the ground and grind into profit".
  9. Moscom Corp has reported fourth quarter net profits down 64.7% at 294,110, on turnover down 38.2% at 3.8m; net profit for the year to December 31 was down 96.5% at 70,992, on turnover that fell 20.2% to 12.6m.
  10. They were usually billed as the star attraction so John obviously made a good profit out of them but they were still paid at the same rate as all his juveniles, five shillings a week.
  11. What will be the firm's demand for labour on the assumption that it wishes to make the biggest possible profit?
  12. As the surplus value or, as we should refer to it today, profit is reaped by the capitalist the system is unjust in that it enables the owners to exploit the workers.
  13. RUPERT Murdoch's profit warning will not lead Australian and US shareholders to desert News Corporation the way they have dumped Alan Bond, but it must be rather worrying.

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