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Перевод слова

Перевод: procedure speek procedure

процедура ; операция ; технологический процесс; методика проведения; образ действия


  1. There are amoebae which gather sandgrains of particular sizes - a process clearly requiring a selection procedure, an instinctive ability to make decisions- using them as a protective outer layer.
  2. The post-war bulge, which had exacerbated discontent with the procedure for allocation to secondary schools in the late fifties, had now arrived at the gates of higher education.
  3. Careful attention needs to be paid to the aspects of research procedure mentioned above.
  4. This is a very sophisticated procedure, but only in the most metaphorical sense would we want to say that the computer has a theory of the external world.
  5. Nevertheless, it was able to take up various causes from Chilean refugees to the RUC complaints procedure.
  6. Monitoring the Procedure
  7. X/Open has licensed the company's Remote Task Invocation (RTI) technology, a protocol for implementing remote procedure calls developed for the Multivendor Integration Architecture consortium.
  8. The procedure for exchanging goods varies from shop to shop, but may include:
  9. When anaesthesia and antisepsis were both well established, surgery became a bearable procedure.
  10. And what's more, there's no pressure to buy, no long term commitment to meet and a Red House ordering procedure that guarantees that you only ever get the books you ask for.
  11. setting the objectives or defining the purpose of the procedure
  12. There is, however, one procedure that has been found to produce apparently the reverse effect - Hall and Schachtman (1987) have demonstrated that leaving a long interval between the last session of pre-exposure to the stimulus and the first test session will result in the restoration of an habituated UR while leaving latent inhibition unaffected.
  13. It is that two years, two and a quarter years ago I established a procedure in the Labour Party (uproar from audience).

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