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Перевод слова

Перевод: pro speek pro

в пользу;
профессионал ; спортсмен-профессионал ;
за; на


  1. This mechanism paved the way for two "Financial Advisers" to be appointed ("pro tem"), but who were in fact to run the Club's affairs - along with Barclays Bank as Treasurer - for 10 years.
  2. All of the full- and part-time teaching staff are pro musicians, though, and quite a few are associated with Guitarist in some way.
  3. The pendulum of interest has swung so far in favour of the pro game that most young players of ability are determined to turn pro, irrespective of whether they can realistically achieve high enough playing standards.
  4. Horbury's motto "Pro Bono Oppido" (for the good of the town) lives on, as does the slogan of the Ossett Chamber of Trade: "Come to Ossett where the shopping is on the level."
  5. The senior Harmon was the best-playing club pro in golf, having won a Masters, then he returned to his golf shop.
  6. PEAVEY Studio Pro 40 amp, 100.
  7. It is two-channel in normal operation, with balanced quarter-inch jack inputs (the dearer Pro Gate has balanced XLRs, but is essentially the same machine), and each channel has a sidechain facility.
  8. Fees for longer or shorter courses are calculated on a pro rata basis.
  9. For if a garage habitually does half the service its costs are very much lower than if it has done the full service; and since it can charge the full price, because of the ignorance of the consumer, its pro fits are maximised when it does as little of the service as it can get away with.
  11. The initial transition from amateur to professional golf so shocked second-year professional Darren Clarke, who won the 1990 Irish Amateur before turning pro, that he completely revamped his swing as well as changing his attitude to the game.
  12. If this guitar were mine, I'd be tempted to experiment, probably starting with Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro IIs, and then maybe I'd end up with a guitar that was a perfect cross between the JD and the Signature.
  13. Proposals made thus far in this respect include protection at work for pregnant women or those who have already given birth; pro rata equation of the rights of "a-typical" (part-time seasonal and temporary) workers with those of full-time workers; working hours; establishment of European works councils see pp. 45 - 6 proof of employment contract; and minimum safety and health requirements at temporary or mobile work sites, such as construction sites and safety signs in the workplace.

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