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Перевод слова

Перевод: prior speek prior

прежний; предшествующий; предшествовавший; более важный; первоочередной; более веский;
приор ; настоятель


  1. Take, for example, David Morgan's comment on the Mongols, just prior to their advance to domination in the Middle East:
  2. "I mean," the Prior heatedly retorted, "he was a lecher, who forsook his duties.
  3. I am aware of the extensive experimental research which has focused on ion forms involving Ca++ Na+ etc2, but what seems to have been missed in this prior research is the appreciation that water forms its own ion form in that it dissociates into hydroxyl and hydronium ions as listed on the table.
  4. Article 17 - the provision of aid to assist a wider range of joint investment schemes - should include reference to environmental acceptability so that any proposals (apart from prior approval in NPs and obligatory consultation in SSSIs) require vetting by ADAS with conservation implications as an acceptance criterion.
  5. Quite often, this forced identity does not fit those prior features.
  6. Hitler had hold to obtain air supremacy prior to his planned landings and invasion of Britain, but the British fighter pilots - later helped by Polish fighter pilots who had escaped from Poland and had to be trained to handle Spitfires and Hurricane fighter planes - were able to destroy so many German planes that any attempt to invade would have been disastrous.
  7. ". Prior to the establishment of the modern police system, the control of this underclass was the responsibility of the army working for the monarch or government.
  8. The Prior turned and smiled thinly.
  9. A statement issued prior to the march claimed that there was support from the Nationalist Party, the RLP, the NILP, the NDP, the CSJ, the Irish National Foresters, the GAA, the AOH, the Derry Housing Action Committee (DHAC) and the Wolfe Tone Societies.
  10. In addition, my Grandfather, for twenty-odd years prior to his death, at the age of seventy two in 1907, suffered from a chest condition which incapacitated him each winter.
  11. "I lost my father and mother and four sisters prior to becoming the lady Anne's companion.
  12. "The French bills, known as traites , are normally accepted by the customer prior to maturity, and therefore have the status of an advance payment."
  13. Brewers pay tax or excise duty on the "original gravity" of each brew prior to fermentation.

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