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Перевод слова

Перевод: preview speek preview

предварительный просмотр; предварительный закрытый просмотр; анонс ; рекламный показ отрывков из кинофильма; предварительное рассмотрение;
предварительно просматривать


  1. TODAY's sneak preview of Home Alone 2 was, you could say, a howling success.
  2. DANCE / Louise Levene preview LCDT's autumn tour; plus listings
  3. Our preview contains everything you need to know about the drivers, the teams, the route and where you can get the best views.
  4. Film critics and reviewers are obliged to describe films seen either alone, or in the company of fellow professionals, in preview theatres, on video or in archives.
  5. Beefeater menus change to match the season, so here's a preview of some of the special dishes and wines we'll be featuring from June 10th alongside traditional favourites.
  6. At a preview in London's Leicester Square yesterday, grandmother Sheila Hadden said: "I'm looking forward to it.
  7. There are no concessions on Fridays and Saturdays (except for Saver Ticket holders), but we do offer substantial concessionary prices on Mondays to Thursdays, when senor citizens, UB40 holders, students and children under 16 can buy their tickets for just 5.00 - and anyone can buy a ticket for 5.00 for any night during preview weeks (see diary for details).
  8. the Racing Post did not mention him at all in its main preview of the race; and the official Cheltenham racecard form guide nominated him "more of a candidate for last place than first".
  9. Group organisers, tour operators, and teachers can contact the Museum's Marketing Department for a FREE group pack including discounts, special offers, teachers' resource material and details of preview evenings.
  10. These are auteurist trailers like the preview for Mystery Train which accurately reflects Jarmusch's cinema of slow dissolves and drifting pans, and is only a minute long perfect, the minimal trailer.
  11. Mr Polyakov was speaking at the Soviet Embassy School, where Russian schoolchildren had a preview of the books that will be available in the Soviet Union from next month.
  12. Special Preview
  13. Cricket: Yorkshire puddings face a championship bout Frank Keating gets a sneak preview of the war of words between two battling Tykes.

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