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Перевод слова

Перевод: pretend speek pretend

притворяться; делать вид; симулировать; прикидываться; разыгрывать из себя; использовать в качестве предлога; ссылаться; претендовать; решиться; позволить себе


  1. I pretend Marie's in front of me and I'm brushing her hair like I used to.
  2. "I thought it might only be a pretend cottage," Benny said apologetically.
  3. If not, she will pretend to look straight through him and pick at a plant leaf hoping he will go away.
  4. "We don't just pretend we are four happy people," he says.
  5. Even I can see that Mr Kinnock knows nothing about economics; as little as did Sir Alec Douglas-Home, who at least never had the temerity to pretend that he did.
  6. Other commands are "Climb the rigging" - pretend to climb rope; "Man overboard" - pretend to pull the rope up; "Scrub the decks" - pretend to scrub the floor and "Captain's dog" - pretend to pat a dog.
  7. But my hand had stopped bleeding some time ago and I could not reasonably pretend that I was wounded.
  8. OK it had the batteries stuck in with sticky tape, but it kept me going through fifteen Agatha Christies and hundreds of hours of revision - well, pretend revision.
  9. I had a similar experience in the vestibule of the BBC with an interviewee from the Festival of Light who was declaiming the sins of magazines with open-crotch poses so loudly that I had to pretend I wasn't with him.
  10. I don't rise sooner, because 'tis the worst thing in the world for the complexion; nat that I pretend to be a beau; but a man must endeavour to look wholesome, lest he make so nauseous a figure in the side-bax, the ladies should be compelled to turn their eyes upon the play.
  11. Federalism is even more important but at present Paul does not pretend to have got close to the issues.
  12. "He just likes to pretend we're very exclusive."

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