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Перевод слова

Перевод: presence speek presence

присутствие; общество; наличие; соседство; непосредственная близость; осанка ; внешний вид; явка


  1. The IQ rating provides some early indication of the presence of mental handicap in a child, although it is by no means entirely satisfactory.
  2. There is a theory that the Syrians favour the perpetuation of the Aoun regime to give them a pretext for keeping an undiminished presence in the country.
  3. As a physical presence, Lanegan is oddly compelling for a man who clings solemnly to the mic stand throughout, breaking off only occasionally to reach for a glass or perform his quaint little bop routine at the outset of "Nearly Lost You", another gast-flabbering newie.
  4. But after Acklam Hall and Southall, where serious riots occurred as a direct result of the presence of these bands and their supporters, little more was heard of the new skinhead music.
  5. He preferred to remain aloof, an invisible presence worshipped from afar.
  6. My presence disturbed them and they flew screaming about me for many minutes until they tired and began to settle on the dark water.
  7. This option has its advantages as the presence of competition prevents either supplier becoming complacent.
  8. The goal of expressing praise is to meet with God, in whose presence there is healing and truth and life in all its fullness.
  9. Away from a purely stylistic assessment, the square has great merits, the presence of students locally (there is another section of the University here) having resulted in a range of fine restaurants, take-away delicatessens and sandwich bars which the visitor to the centre will find delightful for offering a real Milanese touch to the menu at an affordable price.
  10. The gonococcus, a micro-biological master of male chauvinism, not only gives virtually no clues as to its presence in an infected female, but, should she attend a clinic or specialist for the purposes of diagnosis, it will only reveal itself m-some 50 per cent of cases at the first visit compared to well over 90 per cent of cases in males.
  11. The signs of the presence of God are various.
  12. Once we have this model, we will not worry too much whether what we're into is presence, power, proclamation or whatever kind of evangelism.
  13. We are heartbroken when death comes in its ugly presence into our homes, and we dislike the unpalatable fact of impermanence.

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