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Перевод слова

Перевод: precision speek precision

точный; меткий;
точность ; четкость ; аккуратность ; меткость


  1. First the ugly lumpy larvae, the precision closeups showing its undershot jaw as it chomped its way through its subaqueous world.
  2. In the first half they had dominated the line-out through Bayfield and David Baldwin, they had handled the New Zealand scrum capably and they had put together two backline tries with training ground precision, whereas the struggling New Zealanders could find only two penalty goals from Greg Cooper and never looked like mounting a try-scoring attack.
  3. This is one of those English expressions so weathered that their emotional batteries are irretrievably flat but, from the lips of someone who spoke English with the cool precision of a fluent foreigner, the phrase was terribly affecting.
  4. This style allowed other-worldly figures to express themselves more naturally than in classical ballet where technical precision and command over conventional gesture were necessary.
  5. FENDER Precision Bass, 1975, USA, maple neck, good condition with case, 375 ono.
  6. Unfortunately my original Precision got ripped off in a place called Redondo Beach.
  7. More precision is given for rarer plants.
  8. FENDER Squier Precision bass, black with case, barely used, 165 ono.
  9. I sprinted across the open square outside the station, jacket over head, dodging tramcars with split-second, if largely inadvertent, precision, skirted a large puddle, feinted between two parked cars, head-faked a lamppost and two startled elderly shoppers (once I start running, I can't stop myself from pretending I'm returning a kick-off for the Chicago Bears; it's a compulsion - a sort of Tourette's syndrome of the feet).
  10. The social fluidity of this age is difficult for us to gauge with any precision.
  11. The cult of precision reaches its apotheosis in the presidential code name: Zero One.
  12. You are not aiming for some exact scientific precision (if absolute precision is needed, you can use pen and paper), but you are meeting and communicating with another adult human being.
  13. A particular feature of their performance is the marvellous precision and clockwork-like regularity of action they maintain, even in the most intricate figures.

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