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Перевод слова

Перевод: precede speek precede

предшествовать; быть впереди; стоять или идти перед; стоять или идти впереди; предпосылать; превосходить; занимать более высокое положение; расчищать путь


  1. In Jewish eschatology, "the last things" would precede the coming of the Messiah, who would judge the world.
  2. Sir Reginald Dorman-Smith sympathised with the general outlook and tried to prepare people for the necessary discussion and negotiations which would have to precede any expression of national opinion and the consequent negotiation with the British Government.
  3. Apart from city states, e.g. Singapore, it is generally recognised that agricultural development must precede (or at least match) industrial development.
  4. The aim here would be to enable the patient to recognize the common precipitants of the feelings which precede cutting and then to take appropriate action to prevent these feelings mounting up to the state of extreme tension which is associated with cutting.
  5. This is just as well because trichomonal infection causes changes in the cells of the cervix which mimic those that precede cancerous changes.
  6. At Coopers Lybrand, women are benefiting from "objective appraisals which, for example, follow assignments or precede promotion to associate and principal associate".
  7. (One, untestable, assumption which most reductionists would make is that conscious experiences cannot precede the neural events underlying them.)
  8. As she came face to face with the revolving doors her escorts stood aside to allow her to precede.
  9. They hear and understand the ultrasonic sounds that precede a noisy activity and respond appropriately before we have even realized that something unusual is going to happen.
  10. Tap Enter at the end of the text which will precede the inset text.
  11. MR RAY'S WIG WORLD, currently winning admirers with their warped indie pop debut EP "Faster Kittykat Play Play", precede their support slot on The Boo Radleys' November tour with dates at Chester Telfords
  12. Hunger can precede or accompany the headaches.
  13. Computed tomography indicates that vascular events can precede the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and that death of nerve fibres occurs considerably later.

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