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Перевод слова

Перевод: pray speek pray

молитва ; просьба ;
молиться; помолиться; просить; умалять


  1. My wife's very religious now, she goes there to pray a lot."
  2. The God of my far-off country must remember that I used to pray four times a day and still love me.
  3. Let us pray for the sick members of our parish family.
  4. I was glad the well had been Christianized, as Michael Quirke himself could scarcely go on his knees and pray to the rascally old gods he so admired.
  5. Most people do not realize that Jews can pray together without a rabbi, and that the rabbi's job is often to clarify a point of law or resolve a dispute, rather than to lead a congregation in prayer.
  6. He conjured before their minds a poetic word-picture of St Aidan coming from Iona in Scotland and settling there with his band of monks to pray and to spread Christianity among the heathen English; and spoke of St Cuthbert to whom on that spot the people went to seek help and comfort and guidance, until he fled across the sands and sea to be alone with God on his island - so carry the lesson back, to a county black with people and with coal, carry back the need for quiet, and separation from whirl, and silence; and so heaven will be nearer.
  7. Another says: "I pray best when I sit before the Blessed Sacrament, or look at the Crucifix without saying anything - just being with the Lord."
  8. We pray for all those killed each day in wars, disasters and accidents throughout the world; for prisoners of conscience; and all who suffer torture, starvation or maltreatment; and for all whose anniversaries fall at this time of the year.
  9. Pray for fine weather!
  10. I dream, I hope and I pray that in our diocese we shall see God "s Spirit, the Spirit that fell on Mary, coming to us and doing great things for God.
  11. Perhaps the final act, with its slow playing out of Scarpia's macabre joke, is beyond redemption dramatically; but how, pray, does Tosca, who exited through vast double doors into a corridor in Act Two, know that the same doors provide, in Act Three, a convenient jumping off point to eternity?
  12. Please pray for all our deceased members.
  13. He will teach us how to pray.

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