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Перевод слова

Перевод: prat speek prat

зад [груб.] ; задница [груб.] ; ягодицы ; болван ; дурень


  1. Creative Entertaining with Noilly Prat is a booklet packed full of tempting recipes such as Noilly twists, Marseille lamb, and hazelnut and orange gteau.
  3. "Sorry I was a prat."
  4. I have a feeling now, as if I'm walking around with a sign on my back saying "Kick me", or "I'm a prat", the sort of horrible joke kids play on each other, because I feel as though that's exactly how people treat me.
  5. It makes him look like a racist prat.
  6. The spires in the background, the river, this typical English village - and this prat - this arch tit - sailing through the stillness of centuries - absolutely fucking clueless.
  7. Except that Tony Parsons isn't the sort of prat that's stumbled into all this from public school as if he's got a divine right to it.
  8. Is this man a prat?
  9. Introducing the world to the "Peroxide Prat"
  10. You could almost see Colin and Mister C developing the same kind of double act as Flavor Flav and Chuck D. The prof and the prat.
  11. And suddenly I caught sight of this prat sailing down the Cam back towards Cambridge in a punt, with a girl doing all the work, while he reclined at the exact angle, trying to play a chord and strum a tune
  12. These require yes you guessed it, a small furry creature and a copy of "Guns And Psychos Monthly" (it's an Action Replay cart, you prat - Ed).
  13. Four years ago I bought an old Harmony Sovereign acoustic guitar for 20 from an absolute prat.

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