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Перевод слова

Перевод: practically speek practically

практически; почти; фактически; на деле; на практике


  1. They turned out to be practically unbreakable as well as hard-wearing.
  2. However, the Central Electricity Authority (precursor of the CEGB) said that a sparsely populated area had been deliberately chosen, the nuclear power programme had been decreed by parliament, and the risk of an accident was "practically nonexistent".
  3. Club Benitses is practically self-contained with restaurants, bars, pool table and a tourist agency for money exchange.
  4. Gator's been riding for Vision practically since the birth of the wheel, and thus his models have always been a Vision favourite.
  5. Practically, we are looking for office premises and counselling rooms.
  6. Because of the constrictions in the blood vessels - rather like the necks of hour-glasses - there is practically no loss of blood and the blunt end of the tail-stump quickly dries off and hardens.
  7. In practically all aspects, the band can well look after themselves.
  8. Two months later, after revenue and applicants to Bristol had dropped to practically zero, the authors of the report publicly retracted their claims, but the damage had already been done.
  9. And when the Irish Free State did emerge in 1921, practically the entire school system was under the control of the churches.
  10. The lift will practically prevent all loss of water by lockage under the present system.
  11. Even following the assassination in February of the leading Nazi functionary in Switzerland, Wilhelm Gustloff, by a young Jew, the proximity of the Winter Olympics and foreign policy considerations confined him to a single and, in his terms, relatively "moderate", speech at the funeral, attacking Jewry in generalized terms as the stimulus behind practically every political "martyr" of the Right since the Revolution of 1918.
  12. Cubitt's greatest savagery was reserved for the "Meeting-House Gallery"" which he described as "about the crudest attempt ever made at providing seats for a certain number of people over the heads of the rest", a "failure practically, and a horror artistically", "uncouth" and a "gigantic misfit".
  13. It was just a small coin, worth practically nothing.

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