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Перевод слова

Перевод: practical speek practical

практический; утилитарный; полезный; практичный; удобный; целесообразный; осуществимый; реальный; фактический


  1. Implicit in this turn was an acknowledgement that the differences between the Left and the Right groups on practical policies were much narrower than the fractional struggle had previously admitted; a common phenomenon in left-wing politics.
  2. That worked together with the prejudices of the "practical men" who built Britain's early industries - often with little scientific or technical background - to ensure that industrial management remained mediocre.
  3. On the other hand, various practical reasons are cited.
  4. While some experts doubt that behavioural "parts" can in fact be reconstituted to form some meaningful "whole", there are other, more practical, problems in overenthusiastic splitting.
  5. As the course is vocationally based, there is a high practical content.
  6. There are a number of other practical points to which you may wish to pay attention.
  7. This is because the aim of the exercise is to provide the participants with a practical tool for monitoring their drinking: if they want to cheat, they will only be cheating themselves.
  8. Similarly, the concern for the pollution of and from bodily secretions on a practical level worked to promote the integrity and productivity (in human terms) of the family unit - a matter of prime importance for a group concerned for its very existence and reproduction - whilst on a symbolic level, the exiles, concentration upon the unity, purity and integrity of the physical body well reflected their larger concern for the threatened boundaries of the body politic.
  9. In a practical sense, he encouraged and demanded higher standards of literacy from his churchmen and governors, and issued various proclamations condemning their ignorance of Latin.
  10. The local Oxford group, for instance, has a meeting every six weeks with talks on medical treatments, new research findings and practical and financial aids available for home care.
  11. The ITDG will stay in its present offices, concentrating on practical projects.
  12. Ann stands for all the women of common-sense, warm affection, and practical piety that Edward repeatedly attempted to sketch realistically or to record in dream-like settings in his essays and sketches.
  13. Some More Practical Steps

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