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Перевод слова

Перевод: pound speek pound

фунт ; фунт стерлингов; загон ; тюрьма ; бьеф ; тяжелый удар;
загонять в загон; заключать в тюрьму; бить; колотить; биться; сильно биться; колотиться; бомбардировать; толочь; натолочь; истолочь; растолочь; растереть; с трудом продвигаться


  1. They are chewing a drug plant and drinking their quite disgusting beer or spirit - I had only one sip and did not stay to analyse the taste but rejected it instantly - the dancers - wearing headdresses feathered like exotic birds and daubed all over with signs and scribbles - messages to their gods, I assumed - then begin to pound the earth in a movement which matches the drumming perfectly and, like the drumming, is powerfully affecting."
  2. From this distance, and her being among the other women, the child had not recognised her mother, but when the sentence was passed, "One pound or one month", and the woman turned about and the child saw her face, a cry escaped her, and she was about to spring forward when Aggie pulled her tight against her leg and, bending down, hissed at her, "Quiet!
  3. Cut into four pieces and roll each one to the thickness of a pound coin.
  4. Pound is bushed
  5. Mr Kinnock and Mr Smith, shadow Chancellor, sought to reassure the financial and business community that they would not devalue the pound.
  6. And it was 1952 before that road was taken - by Hugh Kenner; it was only then that responsible criticism of Pound became possible - everything before that belongs, as it were, in pre-history.
  7. Week 6: Gained a pound.
  8. When Pound in an early Canto includes among a hero's conversational topics
  9. Erm ten pence out of a pound ninety pence.
  10. This is certainly not the language that one uses of a resident sage or recognized "master"; and it seems that in Paris at that time there was in fact no one who esteemed Pound in either of those ways.
  11. Erm eight pound fifty is the cost on that one gentlemen.
  12. The pound had NOT been devalued - it was just worth less than before, a line echoed by Mr Lamont in TV interviews.
  13. Always short of money, Pound in the twenties found one outlet after another closed to him and had great difficulty making ends meet.

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