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Перевод слова

Перевод: possess speek possess

обладать; владеть; овладевать; сохранять; удерживать; захватывать


  1. Some species possess poison bags near the tips of the long, brittle spines.
  2. Cardiff, whose rucking and mauling remains sub-standard, at least possess a pair of half-backs with the wit and ability to make best use of the ball they do get.
  3. And of course we did not possess a fire-extinguisher.
  4. But not all species of dolphin possess such accurate sonar and, indeed, when the water is clear, even the Bottle-nosed dolphin will readily search for fish using only its eyes to guide it.
  5. Unless you are fortunate enough to possess one of the new super-format camcorders in which these defects have been ironed out, the solution is to steer clear of such subjects.
  6. They seem to possess all the attributes which are essential to life in a community aquarium, being hardy, peaceful and of a suitable size.
  7. Therefore, one expert is hardly able to possess all the existing knowledge.
  8. It is self-evident then that scientists should in no way be hampered by non-scientists in their pursuits, even when these seem to possess vague political or "social-and-economic-factors" like the construction of nuclear bombs, the risk acceptability associated with the use of atomic reactors, nuclear waste disposal plants, new species of bacteria by means of genetic engineering, cloning, the use of fetal tissue as transplants, or brave new thoroughly modern theories on intelligence based on race.
  9. No drama school panel is looking for the ultimate in audition technique but candidates should possess a noticeable degree of competence and self-awareness.
  10. As consumers, but non-producers, retired people possess no strike sanction.
  11. Our dealers possess considerable knowledge of vehicles through their recorded service history, and this can help to overcome many of the potential pitfalls associated with the purchase of a used car.
  12. Platelets also possess a variety of lysosomal enzyme-storage organelles containing acid hydrolases including -glucuronidase and -galactosidase (Holmsen, 1975).
  13. Since "language" in this formulation is regarded both as the key to human convention, and also as something which human beings possess and animals do not, the phrase itself implies the lack of interesting explanatory or constraining connections between human and animal behaviour.

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