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Перевод слова

Перевод: pop speek pop

с шумом; внезапно;
отрывистый звук; хлоп ; выстрел ; шипучий напиток; популярный концерт; папа ; папаша ;
хлопать; хлопнуть; трескаться; поджаривать кукурузные зерна; стрелять; выстреливать; палить; бросаться; возникнуть; внезапно спросить; огорошить вопросом; закладывать; принимать


  1. We returned from our honeymoon to live with my Pop.
  2. The transition was summed up well in Sounds by an uncredited writer who noted that the band had changed from "Fumbling, self-conscious cuddly undergraduates to self-assured hardcore pop monsters with the venom of a more tuneful and Lancashire-accented Sonic Youth."
  3. This alone would have been sufficient grounds for divorce as far as my Pop was concerned.
  4. "But Robert Quine is perfect for my stuff, because he loves bands like The Byrds, and just pop music in general.
  5. Rogan is a respected pop writer - he wrote a good book about Wham! and probably the best analysis of band managers ever written - but his latest tome has already been denounced by Morrissey.
  6. I then drafted a statement for the management side and sent it by hand to Mellowes who was sufficiently impressed by this initiative to pop his head around the door an hour later with a look of something less than mistrust.
  7. The pop tapes went on and on.
  8. All through the week they gathered waiting for someone to pop his or her head round the entrance and shout that there was an audition, and they were off like a shot, their audition clothes naturally packed in a case by their table.
  9. ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK: "Sailing On The Seas" (Virgin) synthetic pop duo of yore back minus Paul Humpreys but with the same old brash, electronic burping - out on Monday
  10. When they begin to pop, add the shallot slices and cook for 1 min.
  11. With a friendly mix of pleasant pop moments, this demo is outstanding to listen to.
  12. The whole plastic notion of a pop star begins to ring the bells of truth.
  13. Maggie is a young, burnt-out pop singer.

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