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Перевод: plead speek plead

защищать в суде; ходатайствовать; приводить в оправдание; ссылаться; делать заявление; делать заявление на суде; отвечать на обвинение; просить; обращаться с просьбой; умолять; признавать


  1. She would get really worried and stroke my forehead and plead with me not to talk about dying.
  2. The Russians plead for sympathetic consideration.
  3. He was aware of the need to conciliate, to plead, to attempt to explain.
  4. He attempted to plead insanity, but did it so effectively that they concluded he must be sane.
  5. A petition calling for an inquiry into the allegations was signed by 15,118 people and a delegation headed by Raymond Wolseley of the Junior Chamber of Commerce went to Stormont to plead, vainly, for a change of policy.
  6. He said the killings had shaken some members of Panama's Defence Force, but that in the aftermath of the uprising, when suspicion of complicity ran wide, no one was prepared to plead for the lives of the coup plotters.
  7. Perhaps he could plead a blinding headache, or an attack of tonsilitis?
  8. As fans we would plead with Morrissey to set the record straight.
  9. He began to plead for mercy.
  10. Hovering in the doorway, Wilson heard Mr Browning plead with her to say something to him and then she listened while he tried to make out a case for the French Emperor, to argue this might not be the betrayal it seemed, and that all hope might not be lost.
  11. Here, the factory can plead that given problems of finance and technology, it is doing the best it can to reduce the noise.
  12. He would plead that the plugs had been planted by someone who bore a grudge against him, and the story would be quickly put round the plant that it was the foreman himself who had fixed it, to settle an old score.
  13. Mr Gorbachev could be forgiven for wishing he could plead a diplomatic cold, and steer clear of celebrations where a wake would be more apt.

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