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Перевод: plate speek plate

тарелка ; тарелка для сбора пожертвований; столовое серебро; металлическая посуда; плита ; лист ; полоса ; листовая сталь; пластинка ; дощечка с фамилией; номер автомобиля; фотопластинка ; вклейка ; иллюстрация на отдельном листе; гравюра ; эстамп ; гальваноклише; стереотип ; печатная форма; вставная челюсть; призовой кубок; скачки на приз; анод ; груз ; мауэрлат ;
обшивать металлическим листом; плакировать; накладывать серебро или золото; лудить; плющить; расковывать в листы; изготовлять гальваноклише; изготовлять стереотип


  1. It is not easy to cheat; liberty is licensed by the last figure (odd or even) of your number plate.
  2. So Plate Tectonics, with its underlying concepts of constructive and destructive plate margins, explains very elegantly why volcanoes exist where they do, in distinct chains.
  3. He'd expected it, he added, since he noticed that I had my own plate and cup at work, and bought tea for whoever was sitting with me.
  4. The old lady now moved her shoulder to let George Banks, the butler, take her plate away and hand it to Patrick McCann, who was standing behind him, then to place before her a plate he had taken from the sideboard; and she, after looking down on it, turned her head up towards him and said, "Iced pudding, Banks?
  5. She pushed the plate of rolls towards him.
  6. I have read of a good bishop that was to be burnt for his religion; and he tried how he could bear it, by putting his fingers into the lighted candle: so I t'other day tried, when Rachel's back was turned, if I could not scour a pewter plate she had begun.
  7. A fine pewter plate glanced off her father into the fire and melted.
  8. There you could buy a pennyworth of chips and a piece of cod for tuppence - served on a plate if you wished.
  9. The classic fish sites produce fossils of quite outstanding beauty (see Plate 49) and ones which have considerable monetary value.
  10. Serve: arrange the timbale in the centre of the plate.
  11. Plate XI
  12. The second way is to retain your gearbox, which has a shorter primary shaft than the V8 and fit the engine using the SD1 V8 bell housing or a V8 to Series III type adaptor plate.

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