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Перевод слова

Перевод: plaque speek plaque

металлический диск; фарфоровый диск; металлическая тарелка; фарфоровая тарелка; дощечка или пластинка с фамилией или названием учреждения; почетный значок; бляшка


  1. As a plaque points out, Mikol Ale, the 19C Czech painter, lived in the garden house.
  2. Inside the church there is a plaque commemorating the baptism of Alessandro Manzoni on 8 August 1785, and a fine altar surround by Ludovico Pogliahi , who was responsible for the central doors of the Duomo.
  3. A simple brass plaque spelt out Brook Advisory Clinic.
  4. The moonlight illuminated a hand carved wooden name plaque on the freshly painted gate, Honey Cottage.
  5. A plaque to the memory of another William Paul (1844-;1912) praising the Christian virtues of one who was "beloved and trusted by all who knew him and who went about doing good" was erected in Edenderry Memorial Church (now the Memorial Hall) in 1913, the Reverend George R Wedgewood, Superintendent of the Circuit and Vice-President of the Conference, presiding.
  6. Find the rebuilt shop near the sea with its commemorative plaque.
  7. David Edward Hughes, whose experiments with the "printing telegraph" led to the development of an efficient microphone during the 1870's, has been honoured with a plaque at his former lodgings.
  8. In addition to the probable decreased prostacyclin production in the region of the atheromatous plaque possibly due to inhibition of prostacyclin synthetase by lipid peroxides it is known that certain fatty acid hydroperoxides also induce platelet aggregation (Mickel Horbar, 1974).
  9. However, when you move into your new house you could reestablish a garden of remembrance, a stone plaque or a special plant.
  10. There was a plaque at the base of the tree, dedicated to Fernando Torras, who helped to save the "lordly oaks" of Glynn County.
  11. She walked across the cobbles and pointed to a plaque set in the wall of the Library.
  12. A plaque to commemorate the destruction of the railway and subsequent conversion to the Five Pits Trail may now be found at the site.
  13. When in 1895 Sir Ronald Ross discovered the cause of malaria, he commemorated the event in a verse inscribed on a plaque in the Memorial Hospital in Calcutta:

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