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Перевод слова

Перевод: plain speek plain

ясный; явный; очевидный; простой; понятный; незашифрованный; незамысловатый; незатейливый; обыкновенный; скромный; чистый; гладкий; одноцветный; без узора; прямой; откровенный; невзрачный; некрасивый; ровный;
ясно; разборчиво; отчетливо; откровенно;
равнина ; прямая петля;
жаловаться; плакаться; сетовать; хныкать


  1. For one thing, it was now plain that there was little alternative: during the war Indianization of both the ICS and the Indian army had proceeded at such a pace that more than half the ICS and more than half the officers of the Indian army were Indian, and this was not a process to which the brake could suddenly be applied.
  2. The huge black desk was flanked by a complicated system of telephones and intercoms; on the top of it was one platinum de Chavigny pen and one plain white folder.
  3. "Robert" - he turned on his factor - "you should have made it plain - "Nothing is plain out there, I tell you.
  4. Mr Catlet , a plain and practical man himself, pronounced it to rhyme with poor-net.
  5. Yet market buildings, even when they are quite plain, are usually attractive features of a town.
  6. With names like "Moon dance", "Black dragon", "Plain white delight" and "Grand butterfly", they provided a boisterous outlet for the conventioneers.
  7. C. On the low flat plain of the Somerset Levels there is rich grass, growing in damp clay and peat soils.
  8. Yet I must still think it my duty, without reconsidering whether or not it be worthwhile, to continue this plain record of what (I know) need not have been plain but for the accident that I am a niggler without impulse, not an imaginative artist.
  9. I am alone on a desolate plain, and I am cold and I am lonely thought Jay, chanted Jay, she could find no comfort.
  10. Keep the records in a plain brown wrapper and wait for Inspiral puberty?
  11. Now that he was gone I supposed that the crooked would be made straight and the rough places plain.
  12. Thicken towards the end of cooking if necessary with plain flour mixed with a little water and a few drops of bottled gravy browning.
  13. Is it not quite plain, even to you, that Eleanor Thorne became senile long ago, and even plainer that Alida wished to be rid of her?

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