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Перевод: place speek place

место; положение; город ; селение; местечко; точка на поверхности [физ.]; сиденье; место в книге; страница ; отрывок ; площадь ; жилище; загородный дом; усадьба ; резиденция ; должность ; служба ; обязанность ; одно из первых мест;
ставить; помещать; поместить; размещать; разместить; установить; класть; помещаться; определять на должность; помещать капитал; вкладывать деньги; делать заказ; устраивать; сбывать; возлагать; определять место; определять дату; определять положение; относить к определенным обстоятельствам; определять занятые места в соревновании; присудить второе или третье призовое место


  1. The strikers who have cost a combined total of 4 million for manager Ron Atkinson, took their total as a partnership to 14 goals in the 2-;0 victory over QPR yesterday - moving Villa into third place.
  2. Simply it is the extent of the annoyance reaction, depending not only on individual idiosyncrasies but on other factors including intensity, frequency, duration, the time, place and emotional context of its perception.
  3. Marwood has failed to win a regular place at Bramall Lane since his 300,000 transfer from Arsenal two years ago and has not made a single appearance this season.
  4. Devitrification is almost universal in ancient glasses which were usually badly made in the first place and have had plenty of time to crystallize; the result, however is, often very beautiful, though these old glasses have become very weak.
  5. So each step has to be planned patiently with her, so that this big change in her life can take place as smoothly as possible.
  6. HQ was the Works, the drills taking place in one of the paint shops (No 45 on the 1906 map).
  7. In place of "false consciousness" we today have a "fragmented consciousness" that blocks enlightenment by the mechanism of reification.
  8. Spurs striker Gordon Durie returns to the slimline squad after recovering from injury, but there is no place for Manchester United's Brian McClair.
  9. Sally, who slammed American rival Sandra Farmer-Patrick into second place and left world champion Tatyana Ledovskaya nowhere in sight, marries fiance Jon Bigg in Florida on October 18.
  10. As in The Big Street (1942), in which a soppy busboy Henry Fonda gets money to take a crippled Lucy Ball to Florida, Voight manages to take his friend to Miami, a place already glimpsed in Ratso's (and Schlesinger's) sub-Fellini-esque dreams.
  11. The idea, supported with advertisements and an "anti-scowl" logo, is that the city would be a less fearsome place if people were nicer to each other.
  12. "The dickheads who bought the place, of course."
  13. But the place he took me to after lunch, the Colegio Ponce de Leon, where I was supposed to have rooms, was a rather stark student hostel, and my little room was very small, with just a narrow bed, a table and a chair.

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