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Перевод слова

Перевод: pitchfork speek pitchfork

вилы ; камертон ;
взбрасывать вилами; неожиданно назначить на высокую должность


  1. In fact, at this point it's worth taking a pitchfork to that grossly over-rated entity - CAMP.
  2. Too late - Perdita, her face ashen, her black eyes blazing, had a pitchfork poised a foot from Raimundo's capacious buttocks.
  3. The incident was witnessed by Uncle Fred, a well built lad of eighteen, who happened to be working with a pitchfork nearby.
  4. "That is not to say that the squirearchy is extinct, rather that the squires that survive would not touch politics with a pitchfork."
  5. With horror and doubt on his face, the elder seizes a pitchfork and hurls it into the gangster's back" It could be argued from the Kantian standpoint that the elder had failed in his duty by not upholding the sect's fundamental principle of non-violence.
  6. I have witnessed this expansion in parts of North America for nearly 60 years, first working as a student with a pitchfork on the harvest in Alberta.
  7. You've got a pitchfork.
  8. Here are the famous Necker cube, the Muller-Lyer illusion (equal length lines with inward- and outward-pointing arrowheads), the Ponzo figure (equal-length bars set within converging lines), Fraser's twisted spiral patterns (not spirals at all, but circles), the impossible objects (" devil's pitchfork", endless staircase, impossible triangle) and many, many more.
  9. He was climbing the ladder when she reached him, and had a pitchfork in his hand.
  10. Not seeing the significance at the time of the two articles, or of the prong (pitchfork) and shovel that followed them, the two boys finished their frugal breakfast and set out upon their chores.
  11. He has condemned the programme as depressive, blamed it for our low national morale, inquired on numerous occasions why they can't sing something sophisticated for a change and twice called upon the public to stick a pitchfork through Jack Emblow's accordion .
  12. She turned out the light and reaching for a pitchfork crept towards the tack room.
  13. But by God," he added grimly, "let one of them approach me and I'll take the pitchfork to them!"

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