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Перевод слова

Перевод: pipe speek pipe

труба ; трубопровод ; курительная трубка; свирель ; волынка ; боцманская дудка; свисток ; пение; свист ; голос ; дыхательные пути; песчаная труба [геол.] ; усадочная раковина; бочка ;
играть на свирели; призывать свирелью; вызывать дудкой; приманивать вабиком; свистать; свистеть; пищать; петь; плакать; отделывать кантом; снабжать трубами; пускать по трубам; передавать по радио; покрывать сахарной глазурью


  1. Monaru was bought in for a course record of 11,500 gns after winning the Carlsberg Selling Hurdle but Pipe had no complaints and said: "People don't have to run in sellers if they don't want to.
  2. The meter and service pipe should not touch or be close to any electrical conduit or apparatus.
  3. "May I look at that pipe?"
  4. Pipe, well clear of his rival trainers in both winners and prize-money, breaks new ground when Grand Frere becomes his 200th individual runner of the campaign.
  5. An agitated businessman at the other end of the line complained that a water pipe was leaking in his hotel room.
  6. D. Often you will find another vertical pipe down to more caverns at a lower level.
  7. You will be asked whether you want an S or a P trap, which often causes amusement: an S trap fits to a soil pipe in the floor, and a P trap to a soil pipe which goes out through the wall.
  8. Older instruments use a single temperature probe in one exhaust pipe.
  9. I left the old Frenchman still puffing away at his pipe and returned through the village to the orchard next to Brigade H.Q I had a feeling that I would not see the French family again.
  10. MARTIN PIPE'S Chatam was yesterday the subject of a major gamble to land a second successive Hennessy Gold Cup on Saturday week.
  11. With Martin Pipe's Flying Speed, the warm favourite, unlikely to appreciate the soft ground, it is worth taking a chance with Qualitair Memory in the G Evans Ltd Claiming Hurdle (1.30).
  12. "Right," said Terry, putting his pipe back between his teeth.
  13. What is an easy way to fix a burst pipe?

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