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Перевод слова

Перевод: pin speek pin

булавка ; шпилька ; брошка ; значок ; кнопка ; прищепка ; болт ; гвоздь ; палец ; штифт ; шплинт ; шпиль ; чека ; шкворень ; ось ; цапфа ; шейка ; штырь ; ножка ; ножка микросхемы; вывод ; кегля ; бочонок ; бочонок в 4 1/12 галлона; скалка ; вязальная спица; колок ; шип ; пробойник ;
прикалывать; пришпиливать; перекалывать; приколоть; скреплять булавкой; прокалывать; пробивать; прижимать; пригвождать; наколоть


  1. His wedge shot then landed 50ft beyond the pin and spun back to within six.
  2. The pulse output from the timer IC1 pin 3 is fed to pin 14 of IC2, a 4017B 5-stage decade "twisted-ring" counter, then to the output pins of IC2 which are connected to a sequence of l.e.d.s (D1 to D10 inclusive) which we might call the "Wicket Sequence".
  3. On the other hand, he was extremely difficult to pin down to any conclusion.
  4. This chip is an octal tri-state non-inverting buffer type whose outputs are put into a high impedance state when either pin or pin is set high.
  5. At the par-five second, his third shot hit the pin and dropped to two feet.
  6. Your PIN can be changed as often as you like.
  7. As you will see in the following chapters, a British Open-winning caddie will not only have his yardages at his fingertips, but will also have gone out at the crack of dawn measuring up again before each round after studying where all the pin positions are.
  8. Her red lipstick was smudged and she hadn't bothered to pin up her hair properly at the sides.
  9. The class is very still, hushed to hear a pin drop.
  10. When IC1 is enabled, the output at pin 3 goes high, the l.e.d.
  11. When cold, break bread pieces into a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin until fine.
  12. At St James Retail Park there's GX Superbowl, a 24-lane ten pin bowling centre.
  13. Judgment was reserved yesterday on the first legal moves to pin the blame for the contamination.

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