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Перевод слова

Перевод: pike speek pike

наконечник ; острие; наконечник стрелы; кирка ; шип ; колючка ; вилы ; пика ; копье; пик ; щука ; подорожный сбор; застава, где взимается сбор;
закалывать; закалывать пикой


  1. The usual lairs of sniping pike, marginal rushes and other bankside vegetation, are too much of a threat to their comfort.
  2. This advantage is considerable since the bitter fraction may then be chemically manipulated to produce bitter iso a acids from the a acids and so provide a PIKE product which may be added towards the end of the boil or even afterwards.
  3. Peter Pike and Davern Lambert had good efforts before Musgrove completed his hat-trick with a good shot on the turn.
  4. This descends alongside the ridge wall over High Pike and Low Pike and then diverges due south in a direct line down a steep slope to Bruntscar.
  5. Fishing partner Mark Chambers landed a personal best 18 lb 4 oz pike.
  6. Mrs Max Pike was in attendance.
  7. Ratcliffe, who is in the Welsh squad for next week's World Cup qualifier against The Netherlands was carried off after a fifth-minute collision with Geoff Pike.
  8. Tranmere Rovers: Nixon; Higgins, Pike, Bishop, Hughes, Vickers, Morrissey, Harvey, Steel, Muir, Mungall.
  9. Warm-up man Daley Pike works the enthusiastic crowd, carefully testing the good humour of various individuals.
  10. James Rainbow fished his first ever pike session last week and caught the fish of a lifetime - a beauty of 24 lb 8 oz.
  11. Paul, 27, from Hanworth, Middlesex, spent a blank five hours at the water and had just changed swims when the pike took a float fished trout on 12 lb line with size 8 barbless trebles.
  12. The butt end of the pike was fitted with an iron shoe which could be grounded to take the shock of a charge, and the metal strips along the shaft (sometimes as much as 20 feet long though usually around 10 feet) acted as protection against sword cuts.
  13. Bash - team now consists of Neil Frey, Pike, Gregg Nowich, Chris Lonergan and Luke McKirdy.

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