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Перевод слова

Перевод: permission speek permission

позволение; разрешение


  1. Nobody throws themselves through the air without my permission," muttered the Headmaster turning to Endill.
  2. "Do I have that permission?"
  3. Revised plans, omitting the classrooms and making other alterations, reduced the cost to 16,500 and in January 1953 the then Ministry of Finance granted permission to build.
  4. It turned back and tried to land at Malta, but was refused permission.
  5. He said that planning permission for a new pit would take two years and would normally involve a public inquiry.
  6. The Tsar had given permission for the formation of the Legion but, a couple of months later, the Tsarina rescinded the order.
  7. You came without warning and without asking my permission and sat with her at the back of the lecture theatre, exchanging glances and comments.
  8. With your permission, they may come to me after church."
  9. Barton assured him warmly that Angela had done a great job and he was now confident of getting planning permission on the vast site he had wanted.
  10. No other reproduction in any form is permitted without written permission from Age Concern England .
  11. I had discussed the problems of insider analysis with him at a 1988 Police Conference, where he described how, on return to his force after his undergraduate degree, he had asked for permission to publish research material.
  12. He said if Hal would get the American clearance, he would look after Russian permission to carry a Canadian journalist and radio man into his country and back.
  13. If the current trend continues, the landowners to whom the bothies belong, could decide that enough is enough and withdraw their permission for usage.

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