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Перевод слова

Перевод: perform speek perform

исполнять; выполнять; выступать; представлять; играть; исполнять роль; делать трюки; проделать; совершать


  1. With this in mind, she had taken Charles with her when she went to see them perform for the first time.
  2. Sometimes famous musicians came to perform in the Lake District.
  3. What is involved is an inability to penetrate the culture of the subject and to achieve the appropriate blend of knowledge, analysis, and affective response that is needed to perform well in an English course.
  4. The question remains whether an investigator equally committed might not perform much the same myth-detecting operation on any considerable body of writing, say the novels of Dickens, or indeed the works of some quite minor writer.
  5. The company has promised much in the past but to date failed to perform up to the market's expectations.
  6. It does not perform as a titrating dosimat or have the RS 232C interface for the attachment of a balance, printer or PC, like the 665 Dosimat, but the 725 is available for about half the price of the 665.
  7. For example, there are different types of triggers that edit data, perform calculations and enforce security in all databases.
  8. The key to freeing the body to regain its lost dignity lies in inhibiting the unconscious habit of muscle tension; only then may we perform actions in such a way that they become as much a joy to carry out as they are to watch.
  9. 808 STATE perform a massive all-night rave at London's Brixton Academy on April 13.
  10. Later, when The Mary Chain are asked to perform the same feat, Jim Reid says he'll only do it if members of The Travelling Circus snort his diarrhoea.
  11. By the mid-1730s the Upholders Company saw fit to make available to their members blank funeral invitation tickets for overprinting, affiliation to the company being shown by an inscription on the plate-mark beneath the illustration, reading "Perform'd by the Company of Upholders at Exeter Change at their Hall in Leaden Hall Street."
  12. The UDR has some 700 women in its ranks; they are fully integrated into the regiment and, although they do not carry weapons, perform the same duties as their male counterparts.
  13. You create an interest by having appealing people to speak, by arranging debates that will be gripping, even controversial, by having one or more celebrities present, by asking a well-known band to perform, by offering special food, by spectacle, by drama, by electronic presentations.

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