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Перевод слова

Перевод: peel speek peel

корка ; кожица ; кожура ; шелуха ; четырехугольная башня на границе Англии и Шотландии; лопатка ; пекарская лопата; совок ; лопасть ;
снимать кожицу; снимать корку; снимать кожуру; снимать шелуху; вышелушивать; чистить; очищать; начистить (овощи); шелушить; шелушиться; облезать; лупиться; облупиться; сходить; раздевать; раздеваться


  1. He sang and played mandolin and flute on their short tour and on another John Peel session (their seventh) in May 1989.
  2. Those fanatics who taped John Peel sessions were disturbed by the album's lack of clarity.
  3. A year later, at another John Peel session, they drafted in Len Liggins to help add authenticity to their new-found folk edge.
  4. "I mean, the two reasons I even got involved in a group were at the party - Mark Smith and John Peel.
  5. This was backed up by the famous John Peel Festive Fifty which was embarrassingly dominated by the band.
  6. Robert Peel
  7. The Congregational historian, Albert Peel, wrote that "it is probably true to say that no one did more to raise the standard of worship in Nonconformist churches" than he.
  8. There is nothing more depressing than sitting and watching the paper peel off the walls.
  9. Eccleshall argues that libertarian Conservatism was alive and well in the work of Edmund Burke and in the "Liberal Toryism" which reached its apogee during the premiership of Sir Robert Peel.
  10. I nearly slipped on the convex peel as it made a squishing sound underfoot, doing small damage to my shoe.
  11. Then again, they peel their apples with fancy, little knives instead of savaging them with their gnashers.
  12. The man who had previously been compared to a dissected rabbit (Barry Egan, NME ) and a pale, sad faced, First World War Volunteer (John Peel, The Observer ), found himself as a viable alternative to Brother Beyond, Wet Wet Wet and the Goss twins, for a bedroom wall appearance.
  13. Peel and core the fruit, cut it into crescent-moon slices and put it into the dish.

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