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Перевод слова

Перевод: patient speek patient

терпеливый; упорный; настойчивый; терпящий; допускающий;
больной ; пациент


  1. It is often better to leave such exploration until the patient's difficulties are beginning to resolve because by then the patient may be more willing to consider, for example, that his act was based on hostile and manipulation motives.
  2. An antidepressant should never be the sole form of treatment a patient is receiving, even if his illness appears to be entirely of an endogenous variety.
  3. Although some clinics still refer to their patient by number, most have now adopted the more human approach of calling people by their names.
  4. At first I thought I was the only patient with cancer, for no one else ever spoke of it.
  5. Alternatively, the unaffected arm is put into its sleeve and the patient then pulls the sweater over his head, leaning well forwards from the hips.
  6. Nevertheless, no amount of sterile packs and antiseptic agents will protect a patient from a staff member who has contaminated hands.
  7. The contents were as follows: "The Streets by Morning", "The Streets by Night", "Making a Night of it", "Criminal Courts", "Scotland Yard", "The New Year", "Meditations in Monmouth Street", "Our Next-door Neighbours", "The Hospital Patient", "Seven Dials", "The Mistaken Milliner", "Doctor's Commons", "Misplaced Attachment of Mr. John Dounce", "Vauxhall Gardens by Day", "A Parliamentary Sketch, with a Few Portraits", "Mr. Minns and his Cousin', "The Last Cabdriver, and the First Omnibus Cad", "The Parlour Orator", "The First of May", and "The Drunkard's Death".
  8. The new patient who probably has the biggest problem with communication is the one who does not speak the national language (Watson, 1986).
  9. If this fails, the carer should leave the room, or take the patient into another room where he will be alone for a time.
  10. The people we were invited to remember were an old woman, a hospital patient, a homeless young girl, and so on.
  11. The blood glucose should be monitored hourly after commencing an intravenous insulin infusion to ensure that the patient is not becoming hypoglycaemic.
  12. A very advanced movement is for the patient to lift the hemiplegic leg backwards and take it behind him, in order to roll over onto his back.
  13. The following approach to the management of the consequences of a death by suicide of a patient while in hospital is recommended.

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