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Перевод слова

Перевод: patch speek patch

заплата ; латка ; клочок ; лоскут ; кусочек наклеенного пластыря; пластырь ; повязка ; мушка ; пятно; пятно неправильной формы; небольшой участок земли; накладка ; обрывок ; отрывок ; включение породы; рудный карман; пачка (угля) ; времянка [эл.] ;
латать; ставить заплаты


  1. Torque back-up or rise gives a clue to what will happen when an engine, spinning at full (rated) or pto speed, meets an increase in load - a boggy patch or hill.
  2. This reminded me of the story of how Dame Janet allegedly tried to relocate the ducks which meet and mate annually on the landscaped patch in front of the Commons and atop its underground carpark.
  3. There are two patch groups on the synth, with eight groups of four patches stored in each, offering a performance array of 64 sounds.
  4. Hooking up the Boss FV 300L pedal to this socket inserts into the effects chain after the compressor, distortion and noise suppressor but before the delay, chorus reverb and master; this allows the reverb and delay to decay naturally, instead of being suddenly cut off when the patch or volume level changes.
  5. A small patch of vines also exists right at the top of the village where the ground rises steeply to more than 220 metres.
  6. Roberto Policano, sent off during the away leg, is suspended but Torino have hit a patch of impressive form which has consolidated their fourth place in the fiercely-competitive Italian league.
  7. I hope the couple patch it up and live happily ever after."
  8. She spoke of her role as an officer for the Parish Environment Initiative, set up 18 months ago to help parish councils and interested groups to take care of their "local patch".
  9. You can convert your garden into a butterfly haven by simply growing a small nettle patch and planting a few special flowers
  10. If all went well he could be back happily planting seeds in the vegetable patch with his mother, instead of alone in the corridors.
  11. Our lecturer, who had spent months translating hieroglyphics there, said that entering the great, dim temple was for her, even now, like swimming into a warm patch of sea.
  12. Instead of using the traditional patch in the machine code, the user can switch to an editor in another "window" to allow the changes to be made at source.
  13. So, too, was the odd dandelion seedling that germinated after an airborne invasion of seeds from a patch of wasteland a quarter of mile away.

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