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Перевод слова

Перевод: past speek past

прошлый; минувший; прошедший; истекший; протекший;
мимо; после;
прошлое; прошедшее; прошедшее время;
после; за; мимо; по ту сторону; сверх; свыше; за пределами


  1. He felt responsible for their separation and he knew that when he had had problems in the past, his parents had stopped arguing so much and pulled together to help him.
  2. Charlie is unaware of the spirits alive in him, so that the narrator of the story is frustrated in his attempt to come at the uncluttered account of past lives.
  3. Staring at the past,
  4. In the past, a new sister has learned mainly through observation of those more experienced; and then, through trial and error, has developed her own style of ward management.
  5. Such antiquarian interest in the past laid a rather deadening hand upon contemporary sculptors.
  6. And Wordsworth was always concerned, as we shall see in the extract from The Prelude (p. 134), in keeping open communications with the important moments of his past, which are used to fortify the present.
  7. The past month has seen more violence and death than any of the student groups had anticipated.
  8. In Peking at least, the resurrection of past models and heroes has provoked more giggling than respect, spawning a rash of political jokes.
  9. The boss, Mr. Uphill, always had his sleeves rolled up way past the elbows - whether for comfort or to exhibit the many tattoos which covered his arms is anyone's guess.
  10. Now it believes it has halted the downward slide following a restructuring and product strategy review over the past year.
  11. It is surprising in a way that we remember these things, for those of us living off Greenwich Mean Time witnessed them at hours well past our normal bedtime.
  12. And back through the past and into the future
  13. Is this country really going to forget the lessons of its recent past, ignore the great sweep of European history and give socialism's tired and discredited maxims another chance?

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